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Committee Members

Paula Emery           Cardiac Nurse     

“In my role as the Cardiac Liaison Specialist Nurse for Pembrokeshire, I offer professional advice and guidance to the group, joining it in its worthwhile aim to provide support to ICD recipients and their relatives”

Laurence Thomas     ICD patient    Treasurer

“I joined the committee of the Phoenix ICD Support Group to give back some of the support I received when my device was fitted,and to try to give support to other people and allay their fears”

Vivienne Cotterill     ICD patient

“In July 2008 I collapsed and my heart stopped. My 15 year old son leapt into action and saved my life. Doctors decided I needed an ICD. I had never heard of one so it was a shock. The hospital staff totally took care of me.

The only support group at the time was based in Swansea, so when it was suggested that they needed a group here my husband jumped at the chance of helping to say thank you for what they did for me. I decided that it would be a good thing to offer a female patients experiences, questions and worries so I also joined the committee.

Lesley Jones           ICD patient     Secretary     

I had been having problems with tachycardia (rapid heart beat) since the spring of 2010. In May 2011 I had an extreme event that led to my heart arresting. After investigations at Morriston I had heart surgery and an ICD was fitted post operatively. After the surgery I had a lot of questions and I was put in touch with the Phoenix Group. It made me realise that I was not the only one going through the experience.  When I was invited to join the committee I saw an opportunity to help people , particularly in those early days when you have so many questions and worries.

Barry Cotterill          Chairman    

“As husband and carer for my wife Vivienne I want to help provide patients and carers alike whereby all our concerns and questions ,large and small, are addressed. In that way we can all take comfort that we are not alone and life can continue with an ICD.